Sunday, November 21, 2010

Canada vs. UAE

Ok, this is getting very childish. I tried very hard not to write about this issue, but I failed.

The UAE is crying because they are not allowed to land their planes as much as they ask for and the Canadians want to protect their jobs....well this is not new especially in the UAE where AT&T, Sprint and Vodafone were not given rights to becoming the third mobile operator so that Etisalat and Du are protected. Hypocrisy anyone? Typical in this region isn't it.

The naivety is embarrassing and all states and governments play this game. Principles of free trade and competitive advantage exist only in theory.

It is just pathetic when the average individual has to suffer. Why does the average Canadian or Emirati have to bear the negative consequences to protect these companies and their inefficiencies?

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Ahmed Siddiqui said...

Yes you are absolutely right, here Canada who is not allowing UAE to lend fearing the low flight rates they will offer is just like UAE not allowing foreign cellular competitors. Even US, the biggest capitalist economy disallows free trade when the matter becomes it's own economic survival. It's all politics.