Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Don't let what was, get in the way of what's next

Well it has finally arrived...the big "three O".

The night before I turned another decade I thought about how I would feel and came to a conclusion that it was just another year; nothing would change and life would go on as it had for the last 7 years. I was wrong. I woke up thinking that all that I had wanted to do, all that I had achieved was not going according to plan. In the years leading to this milestone, I had planned to be married (or at least engaged), ready to start a family, I had planned to have completed my MBA from a top university, I had planned to have received senior management status, I had planned to have travelled to Australia, Tibet and Vancouver and I had planned to get involved in a private business venture...well it is safe to say I have achieved none of these waking up on the morning of joining the men-in-their-30's club.

Now I look in the mirror thinking, how did that hair get so long on my ear...wow, when did I get all these gray hairs, and will I be looking like Clooney or Kojack (damn...I know who Kojack is). On the other hand, I now know I am much wiser, experienced and part of the men's club. I know what to look for in a partner I wish to be with for the rest of my life, and what are the signs of her being a "psycho" or a "cheating tramp". I know that my friends are much cooler now, they are all doctors, architects, CEOs, VPs, journalists, etc. I know that my peers look at me as one of them now, they would listen when asking me for my advice. The demographics of my immediate group of friends has changed. My outlook on what life is or should be took a drastic change, I now want more quality and less quantity in things. I have found to appreciate the finer things in life for reasons other than “just because”.

It’s fascinating how turning one year older can make such a psychological difference. This single increment in age is a shift into a separate bracket of era. Turning from 29 to 30 feels like turning from 21 to 30. It's as if I was living like a 21 year old for 9 years, now I’m suddenly that much older, overnight.

So now the plan is to travel for the next 3 months, get this out of my system, find out more about me and then start living life in the good ripe age of 30. I will begin my MBA and hopefully that accreditation will get me my senior management status and whilst I am studying…who knows who will meet who or if I have already met that special someone…just don’t know it yet. Here is to a new decade and an upgrade to ME 3.0 (the 2.0 version had its time…a good one at that).

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