Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Everybody Knows!!

"CHANGE" sounded like a really catchy thought two years ago, before we began this non-stop farce of political selections, amid the mountains of propaganda that rise from the open wastelands of the never-ending lies.

'Everybody knows' that all government's lie; the bigger the government, the bigger the lies. Most people also lie, but only politicians and criminals seek to make a career out of lying. Yet most Americans still believe that they live in a free country with laws that govern this society and protect the citizens from any and all attacks: because to fail to believe in this; is to be "Un- American" in some way.

The truth is that we have been using Doublespeak & Newspeak for so long now that many actually believe that "lies are truth" and that "freedom is slavery." The facts are that we have been living on the edge of CHANGE almost exclusively, or at least since Lyndon Baines Johnson declared "The Great Society."

The real history is far too long and dusty for most to care about. So let's begin with the beginning of the end of our own time, which seriously began during Harry S. Truman's stint in the Oval Office. HST brought us the Atom Bomb and the end of the Second World War in the Pacific. He also created the CIA and the National Intelligence Agency; the same NIA that took over the day-to-day running of the federal government from the congress. Truman also pushed the idea of "Israel," as a "new state" to be decided upon by the U.N. "Harry" was however known to the public for his famous desk plate which read "The Buck Stops Here," and for firing General Douglas MacArthur.

HST was followed by Eisenhower who presided over the formation of the military-industrial (and congressional) complex, while he slept his way through his presidency, between golf games. He was remembered for the single line of warning he left for the world upon his departure from office: warning us all about the creation that was actually formed on his watch. It was during these years that the revolving doors of government service began to lead directly to multi-million dollar profits for the connected who had figured out how to vote themselves money at the public's expense. This was the era of the Gray Flannel Suit and all things 'Corporate' were great and good.' America was in love with consumerism and two-car garages, in the Burbs: however the price for all this company loyalty was the beginning of the end of anything beyond the all-consuming passionate pursuit of money!

It was the 50's and the 'Beats' were heard from in small towns and cities across the land As Allen Ginsberg's HOWL made its paperback way into the heartland; the revolt of the young against this mindless pre-occupation was finally on ~

"I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness,

starving hysterical naked,

dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for

an angry fix,

angelheaded hipsters, burning for the ancient heavenly connection

to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night,"

~ And the youth of the late 1950's began to vote with their feet against the sell-out by their parents and the sterile corporate lives that too many had begun to hate. The 'Beats' were educated but not tempted by the kind of 'security' offered by the soulless corporate world. Thought mattered to these people, as did excesses of all kinds, which killed so many in the end.

With the end of the Beats, came the beginnings of the Viet Nam War and a whole new generation called the Hippies. Drop-outs druggies, flower-children free-love advocates and a whole range of wanderers, drifters and general non-conformists, most of whom simply hated any limitations on their 'care-free' lives. But with the war, the 'purity' of the pre-pubescent children in the streets of San Francisco and elsewhere begin to lose its promise, in the direct degree, to which the drug culture began to reclaim the ancient ways of capital, and all the "isms" that naturally flow from that.

During this same period the old-world-order was re-inventing itself once more and beginning to test the limits of its new found status, beneath the ominous shield of the Cold War. 'Communism' was the boogie man of the hour, especially since it was internationally linked with the labor movement which threatened the elite with loss of control over the economic-slavery-class-whi
ch is where their corporate wealth came from. So discrediting communism became synonymous with stopping the international growth of trade unions, at any price!

They used the House Un-American Activities Committee hearings, to drive home their points, by instilling terror and fear into people in the government and the motion picture industry. Senator Joe McCarthy led this charade and was assisted by staff attorney's Richard Nixon and Robert Kennedy; with Ronald Reagan serving as the scapegoat, who was then the head of the Screen Actors Guild. The Blacklist was created by this committee and valuable lives were destroyed, in this opening bid to marginalize "political thought" for the nation-despite constitutional provisions against exactly that!

At the same time the fledgling Corporatocracy was beginning to get its collective act together, while they used Corporate Welfare, the IMF and the World Bank to subjugate dozens of struggling nations around the planet-supposedly in the "national security interests" of the United States. However in reality this was just bare- knuckled bloody-capitalism, and it worked!

In 1970 Nixon replaced Johnson until he was forced out without facing impeachment proceedings that should have been held, but because too many key congressional players would have also been charged, Nixon was allowed to resign. He was followed by Ford who pardoned him (as was pre-agreed by all involved) and that gave us Carter & the Iran hostages that led directly to Reagan.

But back when JFK was in the White House, America was not afraid of itself or of much of anything else. Then it was November 22, 1963 and JFK had been in the middle of denying nuclear weapons to Israel only weeks before, when he was assassinated in Dallas and now the American-world turned black. Jack was replaced by a blood enemy of his, Lyndon Baines Johnston of Texas, and America had its second treasonous 'leader' since Harry Truman.

With Kennedy's death the Vietnam War belonged to LBJ who then brought us the Great Society, The War on Poverty, and the Age of Contradictions. "The Great Society" was the first blow against a living wage for the middle class; just as "The War on Poverty" was created not to solve poverty, but to expand that condition to the middle class by initiating the first of many redistribution of wealth schemes. These masqueraded as "WARS" to improve the lot of Americans and their hard won earnings. But the "New Age" LBJ ushered in was marked by the introduction of Doublespeak for government officialdom as well as for everyone else who wanted to be seen as "players" in the New (NOT Great) Society.

LBJ was duplicitous and the second of several would-be dictators of America. His social engineering packages began the cultural destruction of the nation and the set-up the socialist-corporate- models for the unfettered greed of the ever-expanding corporate states within this country: Socialism for the Corporations; and Fascism for the poor and middle classes-but at this stage velvet gloves still covered the iron fists of state-fascism.

Along the way a gruesome and unbelievable thing took place during the 'Six-Day-War' in 1967. That is when Israel tried to sink the USS Liberty, an unarmed American spy ship off the coast of Israel. During the attack the ship managed to get out a call for assistance and US Navy fighters were scrambled to come to her aid. But at the last minute the fighters were ordered to turn back by the Pentagon. Not satisfied with this order the US squadron commander ordered the jets to return to help the Liberty, at which point LBJ told that commander to stand down and 'I want that ship on the bottom of the Mediterranean!' The 'investigation of this "incident" was a charade that has no equal in US military history, and it was successfully covered up by the Pentagon and the US media until very recently-to the disgrace of everyone involved.

This cover-up left bloody footprints, because until very recently few could fathom why any American president would ever dare to order such a thing to happen. Who could be that powerful to order LBJ to call for that outcome; only one country comes to mind and that is Israel. Who stood to gain the most from JFK's death, if not LBJ: Who had the motive and means to carry out the assassination of a sitting US president? I cannot prove that this is true, but it would certainly explain a great deal about why the US never challenges anything that Israel wants done in the world- regardless of the cost. At the very least this ought to be officially investigated-and that'll happen on the 32nd day of next month-no doubt!

Simultaneously, back in the late 1970's the extreme left with its Political Correctness was also busy tearing this nation to pieces, and creating barriers everywhere for their own twisted 'new- realities.' The War upon Americans was an equal-opportunity attack, in which CHANGE was the one true weapon that was used to destroy and desecrate everything of critical value to the lives of most of us. It was from the Left that we got Political Correctness and Zero Tolerance along with every kind of barrier between all the different races, religions and even genders.

All of the above was "CHANGE" yet nobody apparently knew that. Because it received no in-depth coverage, and soon the radical nature of its real purposes joined the political sideshow of the investigations into the death of Kennedy-that ended in the official pack of lies issued by the Warren Commission.

Many potential leaders were also murdered most prominently among these were RFK, and Martin Luther King along with others like Malcolm X, and more recently Senator Wellstone and John F. Kennedy Jr. Isn't it strange that only those opposed to the Owners seem to meet with violent ends-while the dinosaurs in power just keep on living like animated cadavers.

Vietnam was the first of the 'new wars' for corporate greed and global power, in the middle of the Cold War with the USSR. But that war was televised and covered to a degree that let the public know enough to demand an end to it. Afterwards, the Corporatocracy bought up the media in order to prevent this situation from ever- again interfering with the plans for the NWO, or any of its global plans for world dominance over all jobs, while at the same time removing all controls over price-fixing, Anti-trust laws, excess- profits taxes, and virtually everything else that had once kept our criminally-minded would-be-owners at bay.

With the 1980's came "Morning in America" and the Regan Revolution which began to decimate the remaining key components in everyday life. "Greed is Good" was their motto. When Ronnie crushed the Air Traffic Controller's Union and essentially fired all 11,000 members-that marked the official end of any thoughts about the viability of unions in the USA. Simultaneously Regan's Vice- President, George H.W. Bush, fresh from a stint as head of the CIA, negotiated the release of the American hostages held for 444 days in Iran (this was done before the election so that when Ronnie won, the first thing that would happen is that all the hostages would be released). He did this by agreeing to secretly and illegally sell weapons to Iran (the Arms for Hostages Scandal) and Poppy was granted total immunity from any disclosure in the first official act of his son, the 43rd president, George W. Bush.

The Reagan administration went on to create the Death Squads that were used in Central and South America in the 1980's and early 1990's. This involved drug running and weapons smuggling by the CIA and the DEA, in an effort to maintain control over drugs and guns in the Western Hemisphere. With this failure of the War on Drugs, government itself became the dealer. The adventures of Oliver North were part of this charade and America quietly became a rogue-state, no different than the so-called 'Banana Republics' where we were supposedly still fighting communism!

By 1995 Newt Gingrich declared his 'Contract on America' that featured shutting down the government as the way of coercing congress to "play ball" or face certain failure in any political future: This very public political murder killed politics and ended the pretence of a two-party system that we once had. While there had always been degrees of corruption in the past, with the arrival of the Reagan Era the three braches of government became officially just two; and with the death of congress we lost our "public representation." This was followed on December 12, 2000 (with the interference in the Florida vote) when the Supreme Court too lost its independence and left the nation with only one branch of government-the now criminally-treasonous 'executive' and his powers as 'the Decider.'

The presidency has been a dictatorship since even before George W. Bush took his stolen oath of office! And now eight years on we still behave as if the two year long campaign for the presidency has meaning to the public. The game is fixed, the choice was rigged by the owners-and after two stolen elections the public apparently still believes that voting matters and that the people they pay to represent them will actually listen to them. Can the public still believe that congress will go against their own private interests just to honor their oath to the Constitution: That same founding document which these same people have been destroying, both secretly and publically for the last eight years! The selections do matter, but not to ordinary people because this is no longer "our" government.

By the time Clinton began we were already finished, but there were still some loose ends that needed to be cleaned up. Clinton's job was to privatize all that was left of what the public had once owned and controlled. The FCC was tasked with destroying all competing interests in media: newspapers, television, radio and print: and they've been very thorough! One of Clinton's star accomplishments was the Telecommunications Act, and all of its subsequent expansions. He and Hillary also oversaw the gutting of much of the social legislation that remained from Roosevelt's days and the congress joined with the White House in removing the fire- walls that would have prevented the current crisis in banking and commerce, which allowed the financial outrages that have led us to the brink of collapse today. But Slick-Willy also brought us the big-time fast-tracking of GATT and NAFTA and paved the way for similar trade associations throughout this Hemisphere as well. Clinton also secretly oversaw the beginnings of the North American Union, (NAU), and the creation of a number of the components so necessary to the chessboard for the acting out of what came after 911.

Then came "the Decider" to wrap it all up into a very public and very ugly Empire! This too has been composed of nothing but change: CHANGE that now threatens the entire world, with massive slaughter and destruction for the private profits of the few that will end the planet as we knew it, and hasten the collapse of all authority that doesn't come from the barrel of a gun!

Why do we pay taxes, or the salaries of these imposters that occupy those offices in the state houses or in Washington D.C.? The servants have taken over the mansion and we have refused to do anything about it. Consequently our silence is taken for compliance and the abuse gets worse with every passing day! In fact it has been all these CHANGES that have brought all this about-yet-the newbie's in this presidential year haven't got a clue!

Our foreign policies are courting oblivion, and yet the 'players' are the same ones that got us into this nightmare with our eyes wide shut against all constructive doubt or even any questions. Have you noticed that no one is ever fired for their failures on the job! This has to do with why the Decider began his political tyranny with; "You're either with us or against us," the true mind-set of any professional criminal. There is no longer any loyalty to the Constitution or the moral imperative, there is only loyalty to the Corporations and to the power-structure that controls them all. The US is no longer a nation of laws-we are a Barbarian rogue-state-that answers to no law except the law of the corporate jungle!

That's a bit of what happened to us, but what our silence and inattention has created goes far beyond destroying just our nation- we have threatened the world with semi-extinction. We have created crimes against humanity and supported a state that makes Nazi Germany look like an amateur. Millions of people have died and millions more have been crippled, tortured, deported or emotionally destroyed, not to mention the millions that our actions have permanently displaced: all because our owners want it all! This appears to be a CHANGE from what we once said we stood for, but since everything is secret how can these be measured!

If we really sought to CHANGE things we could make a carburetor that gets between 60 and 100 miles to the gallon and we could commit to changing everything about the way we look at our union with the natural world and the environment. There is at least three times as much of an economy to be made from resource uses and infrastructure repair than from oil and gas, but that will not happen so long as this private-stranglehold remains upon the world for the rights to all the oil and all the water.

We could put every man woman and child to work revitalizing our infrastructure (instead of selling off our roads and natural resources wholesale to other nations): and if we were really serious we could bring back jobs and punish those who fled this country for no regulations and unlimited profits. But all of this takes work and a real commitment to living under the rule of law- and that is much harder to resurrect than any commercial challenge could ever be!

On the plus side, the one thing that the Owners are not counting on is that thanks to the volume and variety of all the lies that have undercut our national foundations-the public is rapidly approaching saturation with this farce on every front. There is the whisper of a thought-form growing with every new lie poured over all the old ones. No longer can the public simply accept the word of any government agency or uniformed person; in fact because these people now work for a fascist police state: they should be challenged at each and every turn about every single thing, no matter how small. It the government or any of its minions say anything-if they're lips are moving then it must be assumed that they are lying! No sane person can come to any other conclusion!

By Jim Kirwan

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Great Crash

With the economic news of the week of July 14—the continuing crisis among mortgage lenders, the onset of bank failures, the announced downsizing of General Motors, the slide of the Dow-Jones below 11,000—we are seeing the ongoing collapse of the U.S. economy.

Even the super-rich are becoming nervous as cries for an emergency suspension of short selling ring out.

What is really taking place, however, is that the producing economy of working men and women is being crushed by the overall debt burden on households, businesses, and governments that could reach $70 trillion by 2010. The financial system, including mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, is bankrupt, as the debts it is based on cannot be repaid.

This is because the producing economy of people who work for a living simply can no longer generate enough purchasing power for people either to pay their debts or allow them to purchase what is being sold in the marketplace. In turn it is the debt burden and the loss of societal purchasing power that are crashing the stock market. Thus the collapse of the financial economy has started to destroy the producing economy as well.

It’s a “perfect storm,” the result of a 200-year-old financial system where money is largely created by bank lending and where since 1980 our industry and jobs have been increasingly outsourced abroad to cheap labor markets. Thus domestic incomes have stagnated while the nation’s GDP has not been able to keep up with the exponential growth of debt.

While the mainstream media are blind, deaf, and dumb as to the causes, the victims within the middle and working classes are seeing their livelihoods ruined, jobs taken away, pensions eroded, homes foreclosed on, and are being saddled with ever-increasing debt and forced to work under more and more stress due to rising burdens of taxation, gas and food price inflation, and bureaucratic rules and regulations. The only places a more-or-less normal life may still be possible will be the wealthiest imperial centers like Washington, New York, Houston, Chicago, or San Francisco.

All that the current bailouts being engineered by the Federal Reserve are doing is to create more debt to shore up failing financial institutions. No new wealth is being created. It’s band-aids on band-aids.

The problem politically is that control of the U.S. long ago was turned over to the bankers and the financiers of the Western world. It was called financial “deregulation,” accelerated under President Ronald Reagan, and has run amok since then. From a longer historical view, it’s the same phenomenon that first created and then ruined the British Empire , and it’s what created and is now ruining the American Empire today.

A side-effect of control by the bankers and financiers is that they are also Zionists, so we have the added multi-trillion dollar burden of trying to conquer the Middle East on behalf of the international oil interests and the state of Israel .

The situation has deteriorated sharply since the 1970s as U.S. affairs have been managed on behalf of the financial interests by what you might call the “Three Amigos”—Henry Kissinger, Paul Volcker, and Alan Greenspan. Kissinger, while Nixon’s secretary of state, made the U.S. dependent on the Middle East for oil, lavished billions on Israel ’s war machine, and created the petrodollar to support our trade and fiscal deficits. Volcker, while chairman of the Federal Reserve, crashed the U.S. producing economy in the recession of 1979-1983, leading to the rise of the “service economy.” Greenspan, during his own Federal Reserve chairmanship, presided over the bubble economy which was created through massive official fraud in home mortgage lending and is now sinking like the Titanic.

The politicians have enabled these financial crimes. Above all it’s been the Bush family which has served as a political Trojan Horse for the financiers for three generations, with affairs having become much worse since George H.W. Bush invaded Iraq for the first time in 1991. The enablers have included a majority of the members of the U.S. Congress. (See the conclusion of Patrick Buchanan’s new book, Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War for an account of how the U.S. since the Bush I presidency has replicated the catastrophic errors of failed British imperialism.)

The American people are not entirely innocent. We have been so lulled to sleep by the financier-owned media that we have allowed these disasters to take place and are now reaping the consequences. We have been the fodder for their wars and the signers of their loans. We have tried to carve out our own piece of the pie which is now crumbling.

What is taking place is not just the collapse of the U.S. , but more than likely the final crash of Western civilization, since we are the last of the world empires to go down the drain. World War I saw the end of the German, Austro-Hungarian, Russian, and Ottoman empires. World War II saw the disappearance of the French, British, Japanese, and Italian empires, along with Nazi Germany. The Soviet empire collapsed in 1991. The American is next. The danger is that we may lash out and start a nuclear World War III out of frustration and to appease the elitists of the world who see war and famine as their pathway to world control. Such a war would also mean a military takeover domestically to manage the pathetically weak nation that we are becoming.

The bankers and financiers do not care if nations and empires destroy themselves and each other, because they are internationalists. In fact, the more war and mass starvation there is the better off they feel. All they need is a base from which to operate. London has been their main base of operations since the Bank of England was founded in 1694, though they have a strong presence in other nations. They have been especially influential in northwest Europe , where elitism in the form of Freemasonry endeavored since the time of the French Revolution to destroy the authority of the Catholic Church.

In fact, World War I was a project of the Freemasons in dismembering Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, both largely Catholic. This destruction allowed the masters of usury to flourish within the atheistic and materialistic culture that Freemasonry fostered across Europe . World War I also resulted in the virus of Communism, largely egged on by the internationalists and Freemasons, though it had such a tragic impact on Russia and Central Europe before spreading to China and East Asia .

It is theoretically possible that the US as a nation could still save itself through an internal revolution, while playing a much reduced role in the world. After all, England , France , and Italy still exist as shadows of their past greatness. But, realistically, all ordinary people can do today is try to survive, perhaps by working with friends and neighbors in planting food and living within the underground economy. At least people might not then have to starve to death, because hard as it is to believe that “it could happen here,” widespread famine in the U.S. seems a real possibility over the next several years. Nations take such risks when they allow capitalist agribusiness to destroy local agriculture.

On a national level, it is likely that as a response to the economic crisis some attempt will be made by desperate politicians to try to replicate the New Deal, but to do this effectively would require political control by a nationalistic reform party. Even then, additional reform measures such as control of credit as a public utility, a basic income guarantee, and a national dividend would be needed for real economic security to replace the current madness that could soon make the U.S. a relic of history.